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I can not make this journey on my own therefore I am taking the Lord with me. He will be my strength when I think I can not take another step,  I will seek His Word and gather my strength to run the race which He has set before me. Amen

Due to the lack of web sites and blogs on homeschooling high school I decided to create one. I want this to be a place where others can come and get ideas and knowledge on this important time in their child's and their lives.

We will start the high school years in the fall of 2011 and I hope to bring you on our adventure from beginning to the end. I will discuss curriculum that we use, resources I use and how to keep it all together.

That last line is funny coming from an electic homeschooler who never gave tests, set schedules, graded or kept records. I'm excited about this new adventure and have started. Yeah!!! Let's go!!!