Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vocabulary Study For ACT/SAT

Recently I learned about three products for studying vocabulary for the ACT/SAT. While you can use the flashcard method which I blogged on previously or you can chose one of these options.

The first is a series of books written by Josh Burk, does that last name look familiar? If so that is because he is the son of Jean Burk author of "College Prep Genius." After Josh and his sister had completed their testing the family was left with a pile of vocabulary flashcards. The family had worked hard researching the most common words used on the ACT/SAT test. Dad had the brilliant idea of incorporating all the words into books so, son Josh did just that.

I received a free copy of one of Josh's books from his mom at the NBHE conference after I signed up for her newsletter. The book "Planet Exile" is a futuristic story about a young man who is sent to a boys military academy which orbits the galaxy after his ultimate prank. The ship eventually crashes on Planet Exile which is filled with gunslingers and outlaws. During the process of finding their way home they strive to stop "planetary wide rebellion, overthrow a dictator and save a young princess."

Each book contains various vocabulary words through out, which are in bold. At the bottom of the page you will find the word and definition. Each book contains 300 words along with a glossary at the back of the book. Currently Josh has written four books, each book sells for $12.95. Visit Josh's site VocabCafe to view a synopsis of two of the four books and view the reviews. You can purchase all of Josh's books at Rock Solid for the same price or get all four for $47.97.

I know I mentioned three products, but because I have this product in my possesion this blog was longer than intended. So, I will discuss the two other products in another blog.


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