Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I love high school curriculum, well a few of the things I looked at anyway. First I looked at Trisms, Discovering the Ancient World. The part that I loved was that through this curriculum various credits can be earned, if you chose. Below are the credits which can be received if you were to use this curriculum.

Credits earned in one year

Ancient History (1 credit)
Literature & Composition or English I (1 credit)
World or Ancient Geography (1/2 credit)
Cartography (1/2 credit)
Survey of Science History (1/4 credit)
Humanities (1 credit
Writing Structure & Style(if IEW is included with Literature assignments) (1/2 credit Speech (1/4 credit)
Biblical History (1/2 credit)
Multi-cultural studies (1/4 credit)
Anthropology (1/4 credit)
Economics (1/4 credit)
Advanced Critical Thinking I (1/2 credit)
Research Writing (1/2 credit)
Special Interest (student selected topic) ½ credit
or more depending on the student.

After looking at the way this was set up I realized my daughter had chosen Konos History of the World year 1 The Ancient World. It was never used, so I had Brandon look at it and he decided he liked it. So, we will be using Konos for his freshman year which will give him the following credits.

World History 1 credit
English 1 credit
Art 1 credit

While it is not as impressive as the credits which can be obtained through Trisms I would rather not mess with 1/4 credits.

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