Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Guest Blogger

You may have noticed that I do not blog on a regular basis. Not because I do not want to just because I do not always have something to blog on. So, due to lack of new information on an ongoing basis I have asked for others homeschooling high school to be guest bloggers.

Our first guest blogger is a lounge sister of mine from The Homeschool Lounge, Latrice. Latrice is the homeschool mom of three and writes a blog of her own called, Raising Chefs.

 Raising Chefs is all about starting early with children and getting them more involved in the whole cooking process.  It's about bringing them into the kitchen at an early age and teaching them how to make healthy choices when it comes to how we prepare our meals, from the shopping to recipe development to entertaining in a healthful kitchen.  Teaching them how to shop for fresh ingredients as well as how to clean and store food.  Raising Chefs is also very big on family bonding.  We stress then importance in bringing back that family bonding around the dinner table.  Lets face it, we are so busy and not only the adults but the kids also with their sports, working after school and other commitments we all have.  Its very refreshing to be able to sit down at the table together and bond over great food and the love of FAMILY!

Latice's blog is different from the traditional blog, she had some questions. So, I asked one of my friends on Linkedin, a veteran homeschool mom Kim Hall, if she would answers Latrice's questions. To lighten the reading I will post her answers tomorrow, however if you have any advice for Latrice please feel free to post your comments. Also if you would like to participate here the way in which Latrice has please send me an email.

     Alice Coffer Academy - What's a Homeschooling HS Mom to do?

Trying to find the right studies for my 9th and 10th grader everyday hasn’t
been an easy task to say the least.  Because we’re more of an eclectic
homeschooling family when I do find something I tend to question if its
enough.  As a homeschooling Mom I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels
this way.  There are so many of us that go through this because we want to
make sure we’re giving them the very best education possible.  And we must
not forget this will help to shape the people they're suppose to become.

What is enough, especially for the high school years?  How do you know what
you’re selecting for them to study is the right thing or is it just a waste
of their time?  How do you know for sure if you’re choices will be enough
to prepare them for the rest of their lives?  Whether they attend college, start a business or find a career/job?  *What’s a homeschooling HS Mom to

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