Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reading Lists

Both Brandon and Brett love to read. So, when Lee Binz had mentioned that we should keep a reading log I thought oh my this is going be huge. One of the advantages of being a gold member on The Homescholar site is that while you have access to all kinds of information you also get a 20 minute call with Lee once a week. She is very generous with both her time and knowledge. I always end up with little goodies in my email after I talk with her.

Well I called Lee last week to discuss the size of the reading list along with its contents. You see while my boys love to read classic literature is in no way a part. I was informed that colleges actually are no particularly thrilled with a reading list full of the classics. They would actually like to see some diversity, well we certainly can oblige them.

Lee shared with me that it was not important to log every book they have read. So, what I plan to do is fill one reading log each high school year. Oh, but Brandon is going to be required to read two classics a year of his choice. This is when Lee sent me a link for what colleges would like to see on that reading list, thanks Lee!!

You can find that link on the resource page at the bottom of the list. You may also want to take a look at my previous blog "More Vocabulary for the SAT" which includes a link for 50% off a lot of the titles that are on that list.

The link for the reading log goes to Donna Young's site and you will need to scroll down.

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