Monday, July 25, 2011

Teaching Leadership

Brandon loves to dictate to people especially his brother, I see this as leadership. However, I am trying to teach him that while I believe he has great leadership ability there is more to leading than dictating.

When I was in a leadership with the homeschool support group I wanted to change my title to guider or something similar, because that is what leaders are suppose to do, guide. Leaders are people who listen to what others have to say and ask for their input on ideas. It is than the leaders job to help the group move forward to achieve the goals and or ideas set forth.

Today in my in-box I received a notice about five webinars being conducted by five Christian leaders, sponsored and hosted by College Plus. How they got my information I don't know, but I signed up for them. I love the overall title for the series, which is what really got my attention, "How To Prepare Your Children To Be Influencers Who Can Lead." Here is the schedule, you can sign up for them individually or all of them at once.

1.) How Parents Can Inspire Their Children to Become Exceptional Leaders
Doug Phillips Vision Forum
Webinar date: 8/2/11
Start time: 8pm EDT • 7pm CDT • 5pm PDT

2.) “Freedomship” Education: Take Your Children Off The Conveyor Belt & Into Life through Internships & Entrepreneurship
Andrew Pudewa Institute for Excellence in Writing
Webinar date: 8/4/11
Start time: 8pm EDT • 7pm CDT • 5pm PDT

3.) A Biblical Blueprint for Transforming Your Children into Those Who Can Lead
Dr. Jeff Myers Summit Ministries
Webinar date: 8/9/11
Start time: 8pm EDT • 7pm CDT • 5pm PDT

4.) Financial Leadership: How to Equip Your Children with Financial Intelligence
Chuck Bentley Crown Financial Ministries
Webinar date: 8/11/11
Start time: 8pm EDT • 7pm CDT • 5pm PDT

5.) How Combining High School & College Will Pave the Way for Success in College and Life Beyond
Kelly Negvesky Curriculum Specialist & Dual Credit Consultant
Webinar date: 8/18/11
Start time: 8pm EDT • 7pm CDT • 5pm PDT

Register here

Once I registered I received two emails, one which assumed I wanted more information on College Plus and another confirming the webinar. I took a look at the registration packet which is their website and checked out their blog which contains a link for a free e-book entitled "The Official Homeschooler’s Guide to Dual Credit." I tried to download it, but the section for the student's birth date was not working, I have sent them a message. They have some good stuff on the blog, so I signed up for that also.

Than I noticed at the top "Practice CLEP Tests," so I thought I would share that information as well. I am going to list the blog and tests under resources, so if you don't get them now and do not want to have to search the blog you can get them easily.

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