Monday, July 25, 2011

SAT/ACT Vocabulary Videos

While I thought I had saved the link for the other vocabulary site I mentioned it was not there. However today from Homeschool FreeStuff there was a link for this site "VocabAhead."

I played around on it for awhile and check some things out. I was really interested in creating my own list, but it seems like you can only use the words they have. I searched for one of Brandon's vocabulary words and could not find it. Maybe it is because it is designed for studying for the SAT/ACT.

What I did like was the videos, I like the fact that the vocabulary word is said so you are not going, "How do I pronounce that?" They are done in a cartoon format and even include more on how the word can be used. The word and definition are included on the card displayed along with the part of speech in the upper right hand corner.

Other features include quizzes, flashcards and to upload your own video. What a fun way to learn vocabulary for someone interested in creating videos. There is a blog, community, forums and word of the day available at the bottom of the page.

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