Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Vocabulary for the SAT

This past week there were two suggestions for vocabulary from two other homeschool moms on a Yahoo group I belong to.

The first one is Prestwick House, which carries other items geared towards English as well. Focusing on the vocabulary, there are various programs to use in order to prepare a student for the SAT.

1.)Vocabulary Power Plus for the new SAT is a serious of four books, one for each year of high school, with a cost of $8.99 each.

2.) Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots contains 40 different products to improve vocabulary through roots. The products contained in this series is for 5th - 12th grades. Samples are available for all products, books $8.99, software $19.99 and posters $28.95.

3.)Vocabulary for the College Bound is geared toward 7th - 12th grade with a book for each level at $7.95.

Wow! I spent a lot more time at this site than I thought. However, it gave me an opportunity to not only write this blog, but see what they really had to offer. I am exactly impressed with what I saw, the cost is great and at this point I am considering making a purchase. I like that there is a book, software and a poster to aid in a greater understanding.

I want to say that if you visit the site click on the sample from the product you are interested in. There are samples located on the product page, which I clicked on and had to go through a whole process for purchasing. I will say that those are more indepth, but you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. This is what I did, put zeros for the card number, checked the type of card, put in the expiration date and zeros for the four number digit code on the back. It went through with no problem.

You also may want to look at Test Prep, AP Teaching Units and Resources and Refrences.

Also save 50% off on books, includes recommended titles from colleges. See the link on the resource page, it is the last one I just added it today. I asked the company about the 50% off sale and check this out, it is ongoing plus they said the books include added side notes, glossary and vocabulary. It was cool I just pressed the box for online help and there it was, way cool. I'm stoked now!!! Going to make my list.

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  1. I'm a homeschooling parent to. One is graduating this year, and the other one is starting the 9th grade. Thanks for dropping by my blog and becoming a follower. I'm following you back now from Relax and Surf Sunday. Have a great week!