Friday, May 27, 2011

Credits and Scholarships

One of the first things I did was do a search for the high school graduation requirements for our state. I feel it is wise to make sure students have the credits they need to attend college. They may not want to go now, but if they decide in the future, as I did, that they do they will be covered.

I was also told that Donna Young's check list for high school credits can be used. Now comparing my state requirements to the check list they are the same. However, you can never be sure so make sure to do your homework. Also talk with others in your state who have homeschooled during the high school years. If you do not belong to a support group you might consider doing a search for local e-groups.

Another area, I did not think to consider, is scholarships your state offers. Louisiana has two options for homeschooling, private and public. In order for Brandon to qualify for the state scholarship we will need to school under the public option for his last two years of high school. You will also want to research the credits and subjects which are needed in order to obtain the scholarship. I found out that there are at least two additional subjects which are not required by the state, but are required for the scholarship.

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