Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Binders!!!

Oh my will I become a binder queen? Wow!! This is so out of my realm however, I want to make sure I have everything together in one place when we do our transcripts. So, the first binder I am putting together is strictly for accomplishments done during summer.

.I like the binders with the clear plastic (view binders) on them because I can customize the cover and insert a describtion on to binding part as well. Because this binder will be stricity for activities performed in the summer that is how I will title it.

This is just an example I throw together real quick. I will be purchasing some page protectors because as I was looking for them I realized I did not have any. In the proctortors I will put the certificate Brandon will be earning for volunteering to help at the local library for the summer reading program. It's nice because it will include the number of hours he volunteered along with the librian's signature. By saving these items I will be able to go back and include any and all activities Brandon participated in during his high school years.

He also participates in the summer reading program and last year came in third place for the reading the most books, I'm counting on first this year. He also recieved a certificate and ribbon for this achievement which included the year and librian's signature as well. While these can not be used for credit they can appear on his transcript as activities. If he does this for the next four years that fact will also appear on his transcript.

For other activities he does I will be using Donna Young's form for extracurricular activities to keep track of them. I will place, the dividers I know I do have between each year. College's love to know that students have done volunteer work along with being involved with activities.

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