Thursday, November 24, 2011

High School Jobs

This morning I checked my email as I do every morning and noticed an interesting question on a Yahoo group I belong to, Homeschool 2 High School. Someone was asking if there are others who are making sure their children are capable of earning money while in college.

When my daughter was a senior I had told her to take a year off of school and go to beauty school. She has always wanted to do hair and make up and will recruit any victim she can to play with, including me. I felt if she did this she would always have an income and could use it when she was not teaching during the summer months. However, she felt pressured to go to college and never did get her degree in hair and make up which would have taken her less than a year to get.

I have thought about ways in which Brandon could start learning about something to aid him now and in his college years, but want to make sure it is something he interested in. He likes to work with wood and their are two men on our road who build custom items for others. I want to talk to them and see if he could not be an apprentice to one of them. While not everyone wants custom furniture one of the men would like to retire from this, but people keep asking him to make things. This man would be great for Brandon to work with because he already has a following which Brandon may be able to take over.

Other ideas which were mentioned during the discussion were yard work, nurse's assistant, the fast food industry, cook and one individual commented how her son who plays hockey has just been told he qualifies to be a referrie. Last weekend my daughter and I attended the local Renaissance Festival, we talked to one young lady who is learning how to make jewelry using a welder and I think it was copper. These types of festivals are usually seasonal and may be a great opportunity to learn a skill. These events usually utilize volunteers, so it would be educational until they mastered a skill to earn money.

What type of jobs will your child/children be able to do while in college or before?

Does your child/children currently make money in high school or college? Please share what they do and how they became involved.

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