Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From Fears to Goals

I received a comment on my last blog from Kimby who mentioned that having goals helps to reweave the fears of homeschooling high school.

Kimby is right having a goal has re-leaved stress, but also gives us something to work towards. Brandon wants to go into game design and over the summer as I searched for a curriculum to use I found myself searching for game designers. I was hoping they could lead me to something after failing to find an actual curriculum. The gentleman was very helpful and told the best subjects for him to study before attending college. This was a great help because now when Brandon goes to college he will have a great foundation for what he wants to do. So, are end goal is to have all the subjects completed that he will need for that strong foundation.

Brandon and I worked together and discussed the end goals of his high school years. I have always involved my children in their education after all it is their future not mine. It has also helped to re-leave stress with studies because the curriculum they use they have a say in.

What are the end goals for your student?

Do you set goals with your student, set them yourself, or let them set their own goals?

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