Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lee Benz The Home Scholar

I found Ms Benz about a year ago and must admit I was turned off by the subscribe for so much money. While I did subscribe to her newsletter I was stubborn about paying for information I so much needed.

Recently I joined a webinar she was giving through a blog I subscribe to "Raising Arrows." After just one webinar I was relieved of many burdens I had about homeschooling high school. For those who attended, Ms Benz issued a package for $47.00, well this woman in an hour had relieved me of so much I had to have it.

I received various documents such as transcript templates with examples, audios for various topics, sample grading, a month of 20 minute calls, once a week, with Ms Benz, a months access to the silver club and more. Well worth the money I spent. I have used one of my calls and afterward she sent me more stuff! This woman is a true blessing to those of us who are just starting out on this new part of our homeschool adventure.

Ms Benz obviously realizes that not everyone can afford the wonderful resources she has to offer and has develop a series of parent training classes, webinars, on the following topics.

1.) Homeschool Planning - Your Goals this Year

2.) Getting the Big Scholarships

3.) College Scholarships for High School Credits

4.)Planning High School Courses

5.) Making the Grades

Each class is only $15.00 so you can chose the class or classes you have an interest in or need more knowledge on. However you can get these classes at a discount from now until June 14, 2011. I am blogging this late so we all missed out on the 50% discount, however you can still get classes at 30% today. See below for discounts through the 14th.

June 4 - 5 is 50% Off
June 6 - 7 is 40% Off
June 8 - 9 is 30% Off educate30
June 10 - 11 is 20% Off
June 12 - 13 is 10% Off

Each discount has its own promotional code which is not revieled until the day before the discount starts. I will list them here in case anyone changes their mind, but I suggest you get in on this now.

Watch the video to hear what Ms Benz has planned for this A La Carte program.

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