Saturday, November 12, 2011

Homeschooling High School

Due to lack of information and my newness to this adventure I thought I would do something different. I would like to ask various questions and get responses from those who visit. I am hoping by doing this, this blog will truly be a place for those new to homeschooling high school to find answers, comfort and just know that we were all at that place at one time.

So, the first question is, what was your biggest fear when you decided to homeschool high school?

Mine was and still kinda is will he get the credits and education he needs. As time passes and I learn more I gain more confidence that yes he will get the credits he needs and at least at home I care about what he is doing and make sure he is doing it to the best of his ability.


  1. My biggest fear was would I be able to teach all of the topics necessary for my children to graduate. That proved to be a non issue as my oldest was quick to prove. For instance, when we couldn't get through physics I hired someone to tutor him. There are so many options, and I figured that out, we moved on, and he graduated. He is now in college.

  2. I did have fear that I wouldn't get it all in. Another question that I found was helpful was, What is your end goal? It really matters when planning out your course. We like the Clepping idea but some of my friends like the idea of a 4 yr Brick and Morter school. Having a plan can eliminate some fears.

  3. I also agree with Savannah, I found a tutor for Biology and Writing. We hire piano teachers because we can't teach it unless we know how to play ourselves. Why not others who have more knowledge in any subject area that you are not familiar with. Also, the kids should be able to do some self study at this point. If one curriculum isn't working, find one that will. For example, we went with Teaching Textbooks for Math.

  4. Kimby, thank you for stopping by, I love the question about the end goal and hope you do not mind me using it for the next question. We also use Teaching Textbooks for math my son is doing so much better since we changed last year. I agree at this point students should be able to do work on their own, my son was not thrilled with this idea. However, I told him you can read and if you really need me I'm here.