Friday, November 11, 2011

Heritage History

Brandon decided to use the Konos his sister picked out for 9th grade, but never used because she went to public high school. We liked the fact that he could receive three credits from one program. However, there was one problem, books, the books he choose to read would have to be bought. Brandon is not a big fan of history to begin with, he loves to read, but only what he wants which made the task harder.

I searched online looking to find one particular book to no avail, except to buy it. I must add I did check with the local library first, looked to see if I could get it for free or even as an e-book, nope. Than one day I got an email from Heritage History whom I had never heard of before. I viewed there site which contains a vast collection of non-fiction history books for free. Wow!! I thought to myself this is great, plus they have maps, images and more!! I felt like a little kid in a candy store. I also noted they had actual curriculum and wondered what more can there be?

I remembered in the email I received that they were looking for bloggers to review their product, so I signed up for the job. My son chose Ancient Rome and started on it last week. While we were sent both a printed copy and CD I feel the next one we use I will just get the CD it has everything on it including all the books. The printed version is great to have as a quick resource, but not totally necessary. This however, depends totally on the needs of the individual.

We are loving this program and it can be added to programs like Konos and Trisms where additional books for reading are needed or used on its own. I like that all the books are on one CD and written before 1923, so I know details are more factual than some other books which leave out important details or misrepresent the facts. There are also various topics to chose from such as biographies and battles. Brandon being a typical boy choose from the battle section for his first book, "Helmet and Spare" by Alfred J. Church. He is enjoying it and is coming to me and sharing what he has learned, this is a first.

Ancient Rome comes with suggested reading for various reading levels making it easy to use with various children at once. It includes 45 books, 60 plus maps, teaching aids and a study guide. The CD can be used on your computer and does not require the internet to operate, however there are some stories which you need to have some type of e-reader for such as a Kindle. We do not own an electronic reading device, but that is OK Heritage History was kind enough to direct me to a free download from Mobipocket Reader which allows Brandon to not only read, but also highlight and make notes, very cool.

Oh, but if you just want to get a particular book for Ancient Rome, you can read it online or purchase the e-book for $1.99 each. A study guide is also available as a download for $6.99. Heritage History has really put a lot of time and effort to make sure anyone can use their living books to study history. So, what are you waiting for go take a look, view the books and a whole lot more. Warning this web site is highly addictive, proceed with favorite beverage in hand.

I suggest viewing the following

Study Guides will give you an over all feel for the program.

E-books includes all the titles available for download, green=beginner, brown=intermediate and red=advanced.

This blog is being written right when they are having a sale. You can get the world history collection for $89 which includes 5 CDs a $125 value. For two weeks only purchase the collection and get the Early American CD free. You may also get this CD free with any purchase until November 23, 2011.

I was allowed to review this product for free for an honest review on my blog. I received no payment for the comments I have made.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I am fed-up with text books!