Friday, January 20, 2012

Going Green

Photo credit: Guide Book Gallery dot org
Brandon does not like to write, but has no problem typing. So, what I am doing is having him type up what would normally be written then send to me via email. I have a folder entitled homeschool which holds another folder titled high school, within that there is one simply titled Brandon and one more 9th grade 2011 2012. It is in this folder where I organize all of his work by subject.

He is required to use Word for his work, he uses one document for each subject for a weeks worth of work. He needs to date each individual assignment, so Monday will include the date at the beginning of the assignment. On Tuesday he will continue with the same document for say science and at the beginning include the date. This not only cuts back on paper, but allows me to easily organize his work. For work which is deemed excellent I put into another folder, excellent, to use for college interviews.

This system came about because he has his own lap top. At first I had him create a folder for his work on his lap top, but it was difficult for me to remember to check his work. So, I came up this system and it is a lot harder to ignore an email from son knowing it contains his school work.

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