Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Homeschooling High School

One of the biggest struggles I have faced thus far homeschooling a high school student is history. Yes, history, my 15 year old has no interest in this required topic at all, except one area, Ancient Japan. This is because he wants to be a game designer and is a big fan of Anime, a Japanese style of motion-picture animation. Not to mention the fact a lot of the games he enjoys stem from Japan. World history is what we are currently working on and after listening to Lee Binz talk about Delight Direct Learning we will be studying Ancient Japan for World History the second part of the school year.  

Delight Direct Learning is part of a series of teachings Lee has put together under a program called Parent Training A la Carte.This is a way in which parents/caregivers can learn from Lee without spending a lot of money doing so. I had heard Lee speak on Delight Direct Learning previously so when I saw this topic I had to have the information. I am so glad I did now I know how to take Brandon's interests and use them to obtain his credits in not only World History, but all subjects as well.

She also taught me strategies for transcripts, grading, how to award credit, the subject area to place the credit, how to group certain subjects together and how not to double dip. Double dipping is when you use say Cindy's dance as both PE and music however, you can use it as music along with an activity. If a student is made to study something they have no interest in they will not learn and will also begin to not enjoy learning.

Some of you right now are thinking, well that's fine if they are not planning on being a doctor or attorney. The woman who lives next door to me homeschooled her two children through this very process, by the time her son was 16 he had a full ride to college. I forget what it is he does, I remember it something in the science realm. This is were he interest lay and now he is very successful. Learn how to use your student's interest for high school credit, I promise you will not regret it. All it cost you is $15 and some time.

I do not work for Lee nor do I get paid to blog on her in any way. We are in our first year of homeschooling and finding Lee has helped me greatly, it is this fact that I share with you and will continue to share any and all resources I deem helpful.

Oh one last thing I noticed that Lee has a special on one of the teachings in the A la Carte section for $5 called, Homeschool Planning, Your Goals This School Year. There is no direct link you will have to scroll down to find it, it is right after Delight Direct Learning.

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