Thursday, December 22, 2011


The Lord has brought it to my attention that I should be writing on instead of blogging, but I want to make sure my followers and those subscribing do not miss anything. Plus the resources will continue to be updated as they are found and articles which are shorter I will post as blogs. So, that is why you are seeing links verses an actual blog. You are probably wondering if I get paid to write on, yes I do. Now brace your self for the amount of money I make on an article, are you ready? I get a penny every time some stays on my page for the allotted amount of time, I know a whole penny, can you believe it? You are probably wondering why I bothered to blog at all when I can make a penny every time someone actually reads the whole article. OK all joking a side I just wanted to inform everyone of what is going on. I have a lot articles going on in my head and I am learning a lot from the veterans which have come before us, so do not give up on me.

 SAT/ACT tests read the article to find out what I learned about the colleges for the arts.

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