Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So Your Child Wants to be a Game Designer

I make it a habit to talk with my children to find out more about them. During the teen years they may become more disconnected with the family. In order to ensure this does not happen I make it a habit to plop down next them and talk.

Recently I was talking with Brandon the 14 year old about what he wanted to do. At first he said nothing, I said you have to have hopes and dreams everyone does. After a while he confessed he wanted more than anything to be a game designer. While I am aware that this field is over saturated I also believe that what ever you are passionate about is from God. I also have encouraged my children to be whatever they wanted to be and I would help them the best I can.

I started to search for curriculum on game design and found very little. Two schools geared towards homeschooling offer a class for one semester, one it Laurel Springs and the other is Oak Meadow. One was asking just over $300 and the other was more responsible at under $300.

I also searched for software to use considering the course at both schools are online classes. While Brandon was at camping I continued my research trying different search terms and phrases when I landed at this site. Sloperama Productions. I read a lot of the articles and checked out the books that were suggested, but I wanted to know more, so I sent a message. If you would like to see what I wrote and the response go here, there is no direct link so you will need to scroll down until you come to "How to Homeschool Game Design." This is the best place for information if your child is seriously considering a career in game design.

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  1. I think that may be a dream job a many children. That's neat that you were able to find some information on it. Thanks for linking up to NOBH!