Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mission Trip

Mission trips are a great way for our youth to learn service along with learning about how others live. The Landry Academy is offering students three different mission trips, France, Spain and Germany. While all three of these are great opportunities,

Youth with a Mission Head Quarters
I want to talk about the one to Germany. Yes, I am being partial, but only because I love castles and the students will be adding in the cleaning up and maintenance of one which is 400 years old. Not only that, but they will be staying there also, how exciting. The castle is located in Hurlach, but the main focus will include youth evangelism in the nearby town of Landsberg. The castle is the head quarters of Youth with a Mission whom the group will be working with.  I also love architecture and the fact that the students will also be visiting Munich to view the Gothic architecture of the town hall makes me want to go. Oh! But that is not all they will be viewing.

Neuschwanstein Castle
One morning they will be heading to the Alps to view two legendary castles, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau along with the Museum of Bavarian Kings. Not long after Adolf Hitler was appointed to the position of Reich Chancellor he set up a camp in Dachur for political prisoners. This became the model for the concentration camps which came later, students will receive a private tour of this memorial.

There will also be plenty of time for worship and fellowship through out the days. The dates for this trip are July 5-July 16, 2012, cost is $880 or $704 before February 17, this does not include the air fare which is $1330 round trip and must be purchased through Landry Academy. Students must be 13 years old before the trip date and with both written and verbal permission may go without a parent however, parents are welcome to go.

For more information on this trip along with the others please visit The Landry Academy. Because all of the trips the academy offers are on one page you will have to scroll to find it. Be sure to read the cancellation policy along with other information concerning the cost of the flight.

YWAM Germany from YWAM Germany on Vimeo.

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