Thursday, August 25, 2011

College Libraries

Yesterday Brandon and I went to visit the local college's library. The trip was made due to an assignment, I never thought about checking into a college library as a resource. Turns out we can utilize their resources for a small yearly fee along with accessing information from their computers.

Why use a college library? If a student has a particular interest an area of study the college libraries have a much broader collection than the public library. It is great to have this resource if you do not live close to a public library which has a vast collection. After living in Chicago it was hard to move to two different areas where the libraries are much smaller than what I am use to, so for us this is an excellent resource.

College libraries welcome those from the community and will give you a tour which can be taken with just you and your student or as a homeschool group. I was told that there are a lot of private colleges which will also let you have access to their library. I do however suggest you call and talk with the librarian at your local college first and ask about scheduling a tour.

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