Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Audio School

Both of the boys love to read, as long as it is what they are interested in. There are three types of books the boys just will not read, history, poetry and the classics. It amazes me that while they are 14 & 12 they still love for me to do read a louds. I like it to because I love to read and have little time to do it on my own. However, I really need to tend to business, so they will have to settle for something else. That is why I was thankful to receive the link to My Audio School today from an acquaintance.

Brandon will be doing 9th grade work this year and one of my goals for him is to read two classics a year and the works from one poet. However, this will be like pulling teeth. I was sent the link to My Audio School and love, love the fact that they have a section just for high school. There are three options to chose from in the high school section, United States History, high school literature and government. I will be investing in two mp3 players for the boys just to use for audios, it will be great for car trips.

The nice thing is you can access the titles in various ways such as listening online, downloading as a zip or to an mp3 player. You can also read it online, but the one title I clicked on had no images only text pretty bland. If there are other known resources for the book they have also listed those.

Downside is you do have to pay in order to access the entire site. However, to give the site a test drive there are some unblocked titles. The annual fee is $14.99 for an individual family, they do offer discounts to schools and homeschool support groups.

Note: This site is not only for high school.

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