Saturday, August 6, 2011

Forms and Schedules

We plan on, key word, plan on starting school at the beginning of next week. So, I have been busy today gather forms for scheduling which I have never done before. I used two different sites for this, Donna Young and Cindy Downes.

I downloaded and printed out some great forms. From Donna Young I was able to get various forms for Apologia Science, we will be using the Physical Science this year. I was happy to see that she included a list of items needed for each module. I was also able to print out lesson plans and the vocabulary words for each module. I saved all of the lab documents so Brandon can pick and chose for each lab he does.

While Donna recommends a composition book with the binding, I will be using a three ring binder because I feel it is more versatile.

From Cindy Downes I printed out her "Career Development Course with Internship." Utilizing this three page document will allow a student 3 credits. It is suppose to be used starting in 7th grade and completed by the students senior year.

I also printed out her Home Education Program Weekly Planner along with the Home Education Progam High School Planning Guide. This high school planning guide starts in 7th grade, I have heard many of the veterans talk about the importance and benefits of starting the process in the 7th year of the students studies.

While a student may not know what they want to do or say they are not going to college preparing them is the wisest thing to do. This way when and if they do decide to seek a higher education they will have everything they need.

Be sure to take a look at Donna's high school forms while you are there. I printed out some from there as well.

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