Friday, August 5, 2011

Earn College Credit with CLEP Exams

Students can earn college credit by gaining a specific score on 33 different CLEP exams. This differs from college to college and some may not even accept the CLEP exams as a full credit course.

By studying for the exam students can earn a full credit instead of spending hours in a classroom. Tests cover material that is normally taught within the first two years of college. Colleges look to see what material is covered in the CLEP taken and colleges may even issue two credits for a single exam.

There are no regulations regarding how students gain knowledge for the exams however, you can view some products here which may help. The College Board also offers some study recommendations which can aid in helping students gain higher scores. Other resources the College Board offers include the Official Study Guide for $24.95 and individual exam guides for $10.00.

The CLEP exam is $77.00 however, an additional $10.00 may be required if the student wishes to complete the optional essay offered by certain exams.

Students may retake a test after a six month waiting period. However, some exceptions may be made, read more here. One individual mentioned that a student could only take the test once, I recommend checking with your testing facility for mo information. This may vary from state to state or even from testing facility to testing facility.

You may also be interested to read about students with special needs and military and veterans.

Home link for the CLEP exam at College Board.

Search for a local testing facility in your area here.


  1. The study guides from College Board and the Dummies guides are a good help when preparing for CLEP (or AP) exams.

  2. Thank you Vicki for stopping by and posting. It is always nice to hear what others have to say.