Friday, July 29, 2011

The Leader's Edge

Some of you may remember me talking about some products I picked up at the beginning of the month at NBHE conference. Well, I am glad I waited a while to blog on this awesome program by Rick Green called The Leader's Edge The Power of Purposeful Communication.

I watched the first DVD in the series and started the second. It was interesting to learn that people have communication styles just like they have learning styles. Rick explains how to do determine how an individual communicates in order to effectively convey your message.

Have you ever been talking to someone and they are looking at you with this look on their face like "What are you talking about?" Odds are you were not talking their language.

Example: I was talking to someone the other day about the educational facility I am reorganizing and he had that look on his face. After listening to Rick I realized the person I was talking to is a visual communicator. I figured this by the clean cut manner in which the person was dressed and also realized that person used visual words when talking such as, you see, picture this, can you imagine etc.

I also realized another individual I was discussing the same topic with was visual and during the communication process used the word the big picture to get my final point across. The communication with this individual went more smoothly than the first.

Rick explains the importance of being able to determine how messages can be misunderstood to others due to various distractions. He goes into detail about these distractions and teaches us how to overcome them. How to determine how others communicate and communicate with them.

While this is not a full credit course I will be using it along with some other communication curriculum with Brandon. This program will benefit anyone if you are a student, leader or public speaker.

The program contains 5 1/2 hours of instruction time on both CD and DVD along with a small work book. It was originally priced at $125.00, but the new price is $90.00.

Be sure to watch for my blog on the Patriot Academy also developed by Rick Green.

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