Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vocabulary for SAT and PSAT

I found yet another site to use in studying for the SAT and PSAT tests. A unique site called Word-Nerd which I feel would be great for audio and visual learns.

A character named Sheldon will be your tour guide and show you all the unique aspects of the site. You have to take the tour in order to look at the site, after that you need to register to use it. There are two options a year for $69 or thirty day cram plan for $25. At the top of the home page you will see when the next SAT/ACT tests will be given, I thought that was pretty cool.

One unique aspect of this site is instead of giving one word at time you get one word with other words that fall into the same category. These are pulled up on what is called a SmartSet and you will find Sheldon there as a visual aid for words. Students can click on the words below the main word for the exact definition along with hearing the pronunciation of the word.

Students can test their knowledge through a quiz once the student submits their answer they are told if they are right or wrong. If they were wrong the correct word will appear. Quizzes can be taken based on the SmartSet the student is studying or once they feel they have mastered the quizzes they can take a test which includes all the words. Word-Nerd will keep track of all the scores from quizzes and tests to allow you and your student to focus on any weak areas.

The last unique aspect of this site is that includes a list of the most often used suffixes, prefixes and roots. If the student was studying root words they would see the root, the meaning along with examples.

Be sure to take a look at the links page as well, there are some useful links there.

There are other sites for studying vocabulary under the resource button, but because all students learn differently I will incorporate different sites as I find them. Also this site has been added to the resource page, so if you don't bookmark/favorite you will be able to find easily.

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