Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Writing Tips

Through out college students will do a lot of writing it is best to make sure they have the writing process down now rather than wait. The earlier you start them the more time they have to improve their writing skills and the better their writing will be.

Tip #1 Students should always be aware of each instructors rules for writing because they are not always the same. One instructor might say that five or more words is considered a direct quote from the source while another may say three or more. This is important when it comes to citing the work and determining plagiarism.

Tip #2 When using a computer to type out essays be sure to save on a regular basis, not doing this can lead to a whole essay being wiped out. I made this mistake during college, once, and was heart broken because I was half way done with the essay. I would say save every two sentences and make sure the program you are using is a good one, I like Word. I don not feel that Notepad or Wordpad are truly meant for writing an essay.

Tip #3 Instead of editing after the essay is complete, stop after each paragraph and read it out loud. Go ahead and edit and than later go back and read the whole essay. Doing it this way I found is less time consuming and leaves less room for errors. Also consider asking someone else to read it for you sometimes they pick up on something that was missed.

What tips do you have for writing essays?
At what grade/age do you start your children writing essays?

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