Thursday, April 12, 2012

College Courses for High School Students

Photo credit: Maranatha Advantage
Maranatha is offering a 50% off scholarship for juniors and seniors. Classes will run for eight weeks and are taught from a Christian worldview, these classes are transferable. Students can choose from over fifty subjects including basic classes such as English or Biblical studies.

While this is a great opportunity be aware that some colleges will treat students as transfer students if they have to many credits. Students also may not qualify for other scholarships due to, to many credits. If your student already knows where they want to attend college I would urge you to talk to them concerning this topic

The up point is that you can save a lot money utilizing this opportunity. Even if your student is not sure about their major kicking out the basics such as English, which can also be used as a high school credit. I mean really 50% off of online classes to count as either a single credit or dual credit, wish mine qualified.


  1. I think 50% is great. High-school seniors and even the juniors need to have some spare amount for their upcoming years. College courses for the high-school students are good for them to become ready on their college. It is just fair for them to have some school travel tours at the end of the semester, in order to smooth their way on the challenging years.