Monday, June 20, 2011

Look We're Doing It!!

So, I have decided I need to spend more time on Lee's site figuring out this whole high school thing and plan the years ahead. I dreaded this fall and felt like this whole high school thing was going to be boring years of text books with no fun. I was so wrong, I am already having fun playing with subjects and how to use them for credit both during the current year and previous years as well.

Brandon wants to go into game design, I have spent hours researching for classes and resources. There a few "schools" that offer this class for a couple of hundred dollars and a mere 1/2 credit with no follow up classes. OK so one school had one follow up class, yeah that would give him 1 credit and then what?

Well, I found this web site from a man who knows this world and what Brandon will need to do to break into it. So, by this I am planning his 4 years of high school with Lee's help. I highly recommend at least doing the silver program for beginners because she has a wealth of information.

Today I learned about "Delight Directed Learning" which allows students to earn credits either in one subject area or as an elective. I also learned that public speaking is considered English, I found "Say What You Mean" by Art of Eloquence while cleaning the homeschool shelves yesterday. This is worth 1/2 a credit in either English or an elective. Because Brandon will need to earn an extra credit in math and science to look good for the colleges we decided to incorporate the program into his Freshman year, but use the credit for his sophmore year.

Hey, I am having fun. Because all reading can also be utilized as English I am creating a reading list form for all four years. This will include books read during his leasure time along with those for school. I will need a lot of these because Brandon is a reader.

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