Sunday, July 3, 2011

NBHE Conference

The past two days I was at the National Black Home Educators conference in Baton Rouge as a vendor with Usborne Books and More. While it was a small conference I was able to walk away with some great information from two amazing vendors. It amazes me at the resources that are out there and seem to remain untapped, unknown or not mentioned as much a they should be.

While some homeschoolers may know about these resources others do not. Thus is one reason for this blog, so that others may find various resources all in one spot. Rather or not you chose to use them is fine, but at least you can not say I wish I would have known that.

I have various blogs running through my head right now fighting to get out of my head, through my fingers and unto this blog. However, due to being away from home for two days this is all I have time for right now. Be sure to watch for my upcoming blogs discussing and reviewing items from the conference for high schoolers.

If you know of any resources for homeschooling high school which are not popular please let me know. You may also submit a review to me via email.

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