Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Testing One Two

Jean Burk is the author of College Prep Genius, a test prep program for high school students. She homeschooled her two children and during the high school testing years she documented what they learned. Jean can teach you how to get your children into college for free.

I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Ms Burk while at the NBHE conference. She spoke of how it was hard on the single income most homeschool families have to get her children started in college. After studying the SAT her and her husband found out some things about the tests which are likely to throw students off. She explains these in her course which will allow our students to achieve higher scores. It was amazing how she showed myself and other parents homeschooling high school how some of the questions are trick questions which can confuse a student, thus causing a lower score.

She also gave us a small handout of when to start testing our students. I must say I was surprised to find out that testing can begin in 7th grade and led to scholarships!! Many homeschoolers wait until the junior year of high school to start testing when they could be earning scholarships along the way. Don't wait be sure to check out every area of Jean's site.

There are two options for using this program, you can purchase it on your own for $99.00 (limited time) or Ms Burk can be scheduled to come and teach the class over a two day period. However, you will need to have a minimum of 25 students, there is no maximum. Also the host will get all the materials for the class free which is everything you need for the course. Ms Burk does not require travel fees of any type students only need to pay $149.00 for the course materials mentioned above unless the class is scheduled before January 2011. If scheduled before previously mentioned month and year the cost is $99.00. If enrolling siblings the other child/children will recieve a discount due to the need of only one DVD. Also if you have already purchased the program the cost is $50.00 when using your own materials.

Ms Burk does have a few requirements in order to teach the class effectively such as a facility with chairs and preferably tables. Along with a projector screen or white wall and an extension cord. You will be supplied with an email to send to the parents of students regarding the program along with helpful advice to make sure it is a success.

Be sure to stop by her site, look at the testimonies and be sure to sing up for her newsletter for helpful tips and more.

Read the review by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

The biggest must see is the Roadmap to Success, which tells you what you need to do from 7th grade until 12th in the way of testing. You will be surprised at this one, I know I was.

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